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Car Hire Taiwan

The island of Taiwan is seen as an autonomous nation by many, with the notable exception of China that sees the island as a rebel that should be brought back to the rest of the country. In either way, Taiwan is not a part of the United Nations and continues to forge its own path in the world. As a place to visit for trade and leisure, rent a car Taiwan is a great way to get around. Car rental Taiwan is cost-effective and an engaging ay to see this great nation. If you need car hire Taiwan then you should book early to get the best deals. A Taiwan rental car will let you travel across this island for whatever purpose you have.

The fact that China applies pressure on other nations to cease trade with Taiwan, there is a great deal of business done by the country. Made in Taiwan has become a regular symbol on products across the world. A Taiwan rent a car will allow you to do those important deal when in the country. The United States does a lot of business with the island of Taiwan so car rental Taiwan sees a lot of competition with business people from the USA.

Taiwan is known for computer technology and is growing in terms of tourist visits. It is a beautiful part of the world that will see more visitors over the coming years. This means that car hire Taiwan will become a more popular way of seeing the sights of this amazing island. A Taiwan rental car will be modern and safe – just as you would expect from any part of the world. The cities take most of the tourism income at the moment, but the fact is that there are some amazing locations away from the cities as well. As the road network improves you will find more opportunities to travel across the country in a Taiwan rent a car at your leisure.

Car rental Taiwan is something that you should consider as an alternative to public transport. It gives you a level of flexibility that public transport does not. Car hire Taiwan is an effective means of transport if you know what to look for. Think about the times of day you want to travel and consider if there is sufficient other means of transport to get you around. Plan your journey and get the most from your Taiwan rental car.


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The Country

Taiwan has seen a lot of news coverage over the last 20 years or so because of its place in the middle of a trade dispute between China and the United States of America. It has had to find its own way in the world and has managed to do this in strong fashion. It trades on the world stage well for a small nation. Taiwan rent a car has become an important way to get around the island and conduct trade.

The demand for car rental Taiwan is strong, especially in the peak seasons for trade. The main road system is very good, although some investment needs to be made on minor roads and in rural areas. Make sure your car hire Taiwan is booked before you go to avoid any potential language barriers or ending up with a car that isn’t suitable for your needs. This is a case of book your rental car Taiwan before you go.

The population of Taiwan is over 23 million people, mainly Han people. Much of this is concentrated in the cities of the island nation. Rent a car Taiwan lets you get around these cities with ease. The island covers around 36,000 square kilometres in total. As an island nation, there are no land borders at all for Taiwan. It is close to the Philippines, China, Japan and South Korea over sea. As there are poor ties to China and pressure on other nations to not trade with Taiwan, your car rental Taiwan will be limited to that nation.

Being north of the equator, the summer in Taiwan is in the months of June, July and August, while the winter months are December, January and February. Being close to the East China Sea means calm conditions for most of the year and a temperature that doesn’t fluctuate between seasons a great deal, but as with all islands, there is the potential of localised weather conditions becoming unpredictable.

The majority and official language of Taiwan is Mandarin Chinese. In addition, Hakka and Min Nan Chinese (also known as Taiwanese) are spoken as well as good English taught in schools. The Taiwanese people are able to do business globally, so the ability to speak English is brought in at a young age.

There are many sports that are loved by the Taiwanese people. United States sports have taken a hold over the last 30 years or so, and baseball and basketball in particular have captured the imagination of Taiwanese people. They are also proficient in taekwondo and have participants in many international taekwondo tournaments, including the Olympic Games.

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Driving Tips

Driving your Taiwan car hire across the country is a safe way to get about. But the first step must be to know the basics of the road. A Taiwan rental car will be safe if you understand what you are doing before you set out on the road. Here are our driving tips –

  • They drive on the right-hand side of the road
  • You must have an international driver’s licence to get behind the wheel
  • Most major roads (and dome minor ones) are tolled. You will be billed when you return the car
  • Many locals are not trained to drive, so keep your wits about you
  • There are many scooters on the road
  • Do not drink and drive on the roads in Taiwan
  • We recommend you wear a seat belt at all times – as do all your passengers
  • Do not attempt to use a cellphone while driving in Taiwan
  • The speed limit in the city is 50 km/h
  • Many city streets have designated motorcycle lanes, so beware

The police use many cameras to police the streets and to issue fines, so you may be watched!


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Airports in Taiwan

As an island nation, Taiwan leans a lot on their air traffic to bring visitors and conduct trade. As you would expect of a busy nation, there are many large airports in Taiwan, including –

  • Taipei Taoyuan International Airport
  • Kaohsiung International Airport
  • Taipei Songshan Airport
  • Taichung International Airport
  • Kinmen Airport
  • Magong Airport
  • Tainan Airport
  • Taitung Airport
  • Matsu Nangan airport
  • Hualien Airport

To move around this beautiful country, rent a car Taiwan is your best option. Whether you start from the airport or the city, your Taiwan car rental will get you there safely and on time. Stay safe in any new country. Follow the car hire Taiwan riving tips above and also make sure you know who to contact in an emergency. There are more than one –

  • 119 for ambulance and fire
  • 110 for the police

This will ensure that your Taiwan rental car is safe. Program these numbers in your phone in case you have to act quickly. Enjoy your trip to this great place!


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