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Car Hire Japan

Japan is a major country of the world and one of the best ways to get around is by booking rent a car Japan for your stay. There is so much to see and do in japan that you will want an uncomplicated way to get around. The roads are well made and maintained, so you can use your Japan car hire to see everything from the bustling cities to the beautiful countryside. Japan is a country of contrasts and a rental car Japan will open the doors to the little details that you would miss in the air of on one of the bullet trains. This is a place where the food, culture and people will amaze you at every turn. Whether you visit Japan for pleasure or for business, Japan rent a car can help you see all there is on offer.

There are places of interest for the tourist in all corners of Japan. Car hire Japan lets you see the most amazing sights that this peaceful and quiet country has in store. From the capital of Tokyo to the untouched countryside in the North of the country, Japan is a haven for those that want to see a unique way of life. Rental car Japan is popular and you will need to book well in advance to get the dates and the type of car you desire.

A connection with the country you are visiting is really important so rent a car Japan lets you take it easy along the roads of the country and also get from place to place in comfort and style. There are so many options for car hire Japan that you will want to decide early and get the most from your trip. It is easy to make a booking and the cars are modern and well-maintained, so don’t worry about your Japan rental car experience – it’s just like driving at home!

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The Country

Japan is a country that has developed in isolation over the past centuries and only really opened up to the rest of the world after the Second World War. It is a beautiful country and appeals to those who want to do business as much as those who visit for tourism. The splendour of Tokyo is a major draw as people can take in –

  • The many shops and attractions of the big city
  • The unrivalled majesty of Mount Fuji
  • The Imperial Palace

This means that you get old Japan, new Japan and the wonders of nature all in one place. But there are other cities and sights, as we will see later in this guide.

The country is home to over 127 million people across two main islands known as Honshu and Hokkaido. Japan is an island nation, so has no land borders but is close to Russia, North Korea, South Korea and China. It shares a lot of trading and cultural links with these countries as well as Australia, New Zealand and the USA. The country covers around 146,000 square miles, so there is a dense population in the country.

Being north of the equator, the summer in Japan is in the months of June, July and August, while the winter months are December, January and February. The weather in the country is temperate, with four distinct seasons. But the country covers a large area, so the South is warmer all year round than the North that can see cool temperatures.

The national language is, of course, Japanese but there are around 15 other recognised languages on the islands all of which are spoken to this day. They teach English is schools but this may be less frequently used in the more remote parts of the nation. The country is obsessed with sports and there are many different games that have the national attention. Sumo wrestling is a traditional sport from the ages, but more modern arrivals like soccer and baseball also capture the imagination of the people of Japan, particularly when one of their players makes it to the big leagues in either sport.

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Driving Tips

As with any new experience, you will need to know what you are letting yourself in for. Check all the rules of the road before you leave for Japan to ensure you stay safe. Here are some of the more important ones –

  • The driver is responsible to make sure all occupants of the car wear seat belts at all times
  • You cannot drive while under the influence of alcohol
  • You must carry an international drivers licence with you at all times while on the road in Japan
  • Traffic offences in Japan are often treated with on the spot fines, so make sure you carry cash
  • Children cannot travel in the front of a vehicle
  • They drive on the left-hand side of the road
  • The major cities can be very busy at rush hour so leave plenty of time for your journey
  • On roads in town the speed limit is between 30 and 50 knm/h
  • On an open road, the speed limit is 80 km/h
  • On the motorway, the speed limit id 100 km/h

Make sure you know what to do when driving in Japan to say safe and on the right side of the law.

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Airports in Japan

Japan has transport links to the rest of the world through trade and other activities, o you would expect a lot of airports. Here are some of the busiest airports in Japan –

  • Haneda Airport in Tokyo
  • Narita International Airport in Tokyo
  • Kansai International Airport in Osaka
  • Fukuoka Airport
  • New Chitose Airport in Sapporo
  • Naha Airport
  • Osaka International Airport
  • Chubu Centrair International Airport
  • Kagoshima airport
  • Kumatomo airport
  • Sendai Airport
  • Nagasaki airport
  • Miyazaki airport
  • Matsuyama Airport
  • Hiroshima Airport
  • Kobe Airport

The best way to get the most from your car hire Japan is to book from the airport so you know you have the transport you need. Do this in advance to get the best prices available.

When driving on the roads of Japan, you want to be safe. You should research the rules of the road, as said before, but also have the number 119 programmed in your phone on case of emergency.

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