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Car Hire Hungary

Hungary is home to the famous Danube River, alongside its striking Baroque architecture and gentle scenery makes driving and explore with booking rent a car Hungary a must for your trip. There is so much to experience in Hungary that you will want an uncomplicated way to get around. The roads are well made and maintained, so you can use your Hungary car hire to see everything from the grandeur of the Danube to the sampling the national dish, goulash in many of the cities bars and restaurants, Hungary rent a car is a handy way to get around this beautiful country.

There are places of interest for the traveller to see in Hungary. Car hire Hungary lets you take in the history and its culture that the country has to offer. From the capital Budapest, to the lush wine-growing Badacsony region, Hungary is an exciting country for the traveller to explore. Rental car Hungary is popular and convenient method, you will need to book well in advance to get the dates and the type of car you desire.

A desire to explore the country you are visiting is really important so rent a car Hungary lets you take it easy along the roads of the country and also get from place to place in comfort and style. There are many options for car hire Hungary that you will want to decide early and get the most from your trip. It is easy to make a booking and the cars are modern and well-maintained, so don’t worry about your Hungary rental car experience – it will be just like driving your own car!

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The Country

Hungary is not just known for its river, it is home to 11 national country parks and its fairy-tale castles, which are a big draw to tourists and travellers alike. And after all the sightseeing, chill out in one of Hungary’s many spas. But first visit places such as –

  • Reök Palace in Szeged
  • Mosque Church in Pécs
  • Buda Castle Quarter

There are other cities and sights, as we will see later in this guide.

The country is home to approximately 9.7 million people, the official language spoken is Hungarian. Hungary is a landlocked country which borders with Slovakia to the north, Ukraine to the northeast, Austria to the northwest, Romania to the east, Serbia to the south, Croatia to the southwest, and Slovenia to the west and covers a total land area of 93,030 square kilometres.

The brief summer months in Hungary are June to July, while the winter months are November, December, January and February. The weather in the country is temperate, with four distinct seasons.

The nations sporting obsession is football, along with chess. Hungary plays host to F1 Grand Prix each year.

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Driving Tips

As with any new experience, you will need to know what you are letting yourself in for. Check all the rules of the road before you leave for Hungary to ensure you stay safe, do not draw attention to your hire car and making sure that nothing is left in the vehicle when it is un-occupied. Here are some of the more important ones –

  • The driver is responsible to make sure all occupants of the car wear seat belts at all times.
  • It is the ownership of the driver to ensure that all children under 15 are safely restrained, the penalty is €35.
  • Hungary has a zero-tolerance policy with regards to drink driving. Any drink that puts you over the limit will result in a risk of a fine, suspension, or prison. It is also illegal to allow someone to drive if they’re drunk.
  • You must carry an international drivers licence with you at all times while on the road in
  • Children under 3 must be placed in a suitable child restraint system appropriate for their size and weight. This system may be placed in the front seat as long as it is rear facing and the airbag has been deactivated. Children over 3 and who are taller than 135cm can travel in a rear seat using a seat belt. Children shorter than 135cm must use a suitable child restraint
  • They drive on the right-hand side of the road and overtake on left. Traffic from the right normally has right of way.
  • The use of a mobile phone while driving is prohibited, with the exception of a hands-free system. If caught fines of up to €730 can be imposed.
  • It is compulsory to carry warning triangles, a first aid kit and a reflective jacket in Hungary. The reflective jacket must be worn if walking along the roadside.
  • Park in the direction of traffic and at least 5 metres from any pedestrian crossing or intersections. Most cities will have parking meter areas, however should there be no meters in the vicinity, a pay-and-display parking voucher must be purchased and displayed on the dashboard. These can be found at any local petrol stations.
  • In the event of congestion, it is compulsory to form an emergency corridor whenever traffic congestion occurs on motorways, dual carriageways, or highways regardless of whether emergency vehicles are already in the vicinity or not
  • The police can impose and collect on the spot fines. If the fine is to be paid on the spot, a receipt must be given. Alternatively, the police will give you a payment order which you must pay within 30 days.
  • All vehicles using Hungarian motorways M1, M3, M5, and M7 must display a motorway tax sticker (vignette). The stickers, which are valid for 10 days, 1 month, or 1 year, may be purchased in person at most petrol stations, online, or via a smartphone app. There are some motorways that do not require a vignette – M0: Between Main Road 1 and M5, between M4 and M3 and between Main Roads 11 and 12 (Megyeri bridge), M4: Between Vecses and the road leading to Budapest’s Liszt Ferenc Airport, M8, M9: Between Main Road 6 and Main Road 51 and on the Kaposvar loop (Main Road 61), M31 and M86.
  • You must always give way to trams and buses at junctions and when they are pulling away from a stop. Always pass railway crossings slowly at walking pace.
  • Use of dipped headlights is compulsory at all times outside built-up areas. At night the use of full beam, in built up areas, is prohibited. In rural areas, be aware of unlit vehicles such as farm vehicles and carts at night.
  • If you’re in an accident, you MUST notify the Police and the car rental supplier and get an accident report for insurance purposes. Failure to do so may result in you footing the whole bill.
  • If you break down, you must put on your reflective jacket and place the reflective triangle behind the vehicle to warn other drivers. You must notify the rental car company and suppliers for advice and assistance.
  • The use (or their presence in the car) of snow chains is compulsory under certain weather conditions.
  • The major cities can be very busy at rush hour so leave plenty of time for your journey
  • On an open road, the speed limit is 90/110 kph / 55/68 mph.
  • The speed limit in built up areas is 50 kph / 31 mph.
  • The speed limit on the motorway is 130 kph / 80 mph.

Make sure you know what to do when driving in Hungary be safe and stay on the right side of the law.

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Airports in Hungary

Hungary has transport links to the rest of the world through trade and other activities. Here are some of the busiest airports in Hungary –

  • Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport
  • Debrecen International Airport
  • Győr-Pér International Airport
  • Pécs-Pogány International Airport
  • Hévíz-Balaton Airport

The best way to get the most from your car hire Hungary is to book from the airport so you know you have the transport you need. Do this in advance to get the best prices available.

When driving on the roads of the Hungary you want to be safe. You should research the rules of the road, as said before, but also have the following numbers programmed in your phone on case of emergency. For the police its 112/107, ambulance 112/104 and fire brigade is 112/105.

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