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Car Hire Hawaii

One of the dream destinations for people across the globe is Hawaii. And using Hawaii car hire makes this part of the world come alive. Rental car Hawaii is convenient and helps you to see these beautiful islands in the same way as the locals do. As part of the United States, Hawaii rent a car is modern and ready for you to use. Don’t get lost in the public transport system or stuck in one place – use car hire Hawaii and get the most from your trip.

There are things to see on just about every corner, so Hawaii rental car is the ideal option for any traveller to this place. It is made up of a number of islands and each has its own character. You can often travel from island to island so get your rent a car Hawaii booked soon.

Getting in and around this beautiful part of the world is a breeze with Hawaii car hire and an open mind. You want the most comfortable experience so get your rental car Hawaii ready as soon as possible to have the widest choice. A Hawaii rent a car experience is a good one – so book today!

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The Country

Hawaii only joined the United States of America to become the 50th state as recently as 1959. It has been in existence for far longer than that and is a paradise made up of a chain of islands. Being part of Polynesia, Hawaii is an anomaly in terms of the US. There are some spectacular things to see and do in Hawaii, such as –

  • Visiting Pearl Harbor
  • Whale watching in the ocean
  • Visiting the famous Kualoa Ranch

And many more, which we will discover later in this article.

There are just under 1.5 million people in Hawaii, over the islands. As part of the United States, American English is widely spoken in Hawaii, although native people speak Hawaiian daily and with each other. The islands cover an area of around 6,500 square miles.

The long summer months in Hawaii stretch from June to August. The weather in the country is warm most of the year round, although there is the risk of cold air and winds off the ocean.

The islands of Hawaii are forever associated with sports linked to the ocean, such as surfing and fishing. The people have a strong connection to the water and this shines through in their choice of sports.

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Driving Tips

Driving in Hawaii is safe and convenient. But you should know the rules of the road to get the most from your experience. Here are some of the more important rules of the road that will help you on the way –

  • They drive on the right of the road and overtake on the left
  • Speeding causes many accidents in Hawaii so stuck to the limits
  • Residential areas are restricted to 25 mph
  • Extra urban roads have a speed limit of 45 mph
  • Freeways have a speed limit of 60 mph in places but 55mph in others – these are clearly marked so watch out
  • There are many pieces of advice for driving in Hawaii based on road conditions, such as floods and hurricanes so stay alert to these
  • The roads don’t have much in the way of street lighting so think about your journey at night – is it necessary?
  • Do not use your cell phone while driving. In fact, that’s a no-no wherever you go. Stay safe people!

Seat belts must be worn at all times so check everyone in the car is safe

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Airports in Hawaii

As part of the United States, there are a number of airports on the Hawaiian Islands that can get you to this beautiful part of the world –

  • Hilo International Airport
  • Daniel K Inouye International Airport at Honolulu
  • Kahului Airport
  • Kona International Airport at Keahole on Hawaii
  • Molokai Airport
  • Lanai Airport
  • Lihue Airport on Kauai

The best way to get the most from your car hire Hawaii is to look at getting it from the airport to your resort or destination. If you miss this, then all the major cities and islands will have availability for you if you book in advance.

Stay safe with your Hawaii rental car by knowing the numbers to call in an emergency. As with the rest of the USA, call 911 for the emergency services. You may want to programme this into your phone to use quickly. This way you take care with your rent a car Hawaii on your journey. Enjoy!

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