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Car Hire Guernsey

Guernsey is a small island between the United Kingdom and France that is part of the Channels Islands chain. Although it allies itself with England, it lies near to the coast of Normandy in France and stands as a quite independent part of the world. Car hire Guernsey is the perfect way to get around this small and beautiful place. One of the benefits of Guernsey rental car is that they are plentiful and safe. The road network is excellent and you can get across from the beaches to the towns with ease. Rent a car Guernsey is a great choice. You get to see all of the island at your own pace.

Guernsey is one of those places that you will love and want to come back to time and time again. Make sure that Guernsey car hire is your first choice when you visit, whether it is for leisure or business. This is an amazing place to visit. Rental car Guernsey is booked up early in the summer so don’t delay and you won’t get there and be disappointed. A car is the best way to see this fabulous place. Don’t miss out on Guernsey rent a car by sitting on your hands and you will have a great time.

Get it today and find out all the joys of this island!

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The Country

Guernsey is closely aligned with the United Kingdom but has a distinctly unique take on life due to the fact it sits off the mainland and has developed separately. It is not a member of the European Union but enjoys many of the benefits. Guernsey is seen as a place to spend quality time, do business and visit for pleasure.

It was actually a part of Normandy for many years until it gained some form of independence as far back as 1204. The capital of Guernsey is St Peter Port and is part of th e Channel Islands, along with –

  • Jersey
  • Alderney
  • Sark
  • Herm
  • Jethou
  • Lihou
  • And some smaller islands

The population of Guernsey is only around 60,000 people, over 65 square kilometres but this means that car hire Guernsey might be the best way to get around. Guernsey is a place where the people are friendly to each other and visitors. They know the value of making friendships and doing business with the outside world.

The education system in Guernsey is of a high quality and people send their children here from the UK mainland to be taught. The predominant language is English, although many also speak French. There are regular ferries between Guernsey and both France and England. This keeps the connections strong.

The best places to visit on the island are the beautiful beaches and coves that the rugged coastline offers. There are castles and religious sites that sparkle on the eye and provide amazing scenes for all to behold. If you visit Guernsey for pleasure, then get to all of these places by car and enjoy the island for all it is. The island was occupied by Nazi Germany during World war II and this means there are many museums and sites of interest fort anyone interested in this period of time.

It has a strong financial services sector, and this means much business is done on the island. Banking, insurance services and fund management are big business on Guernsey and attract visitors to carry out their dealings. Car hire Guernsey for business is popular and the cars available befit the status of the visitor. Get yours today.

The summer months are in June, July and August, with winter appearing in December, January and February. There are distinct seasons and the summer is when Guernsey rental car is more popular.

Being an island, the most popular sports on Guernsey are associated with the sea. Sailing is great around this part of the world and this extends to triathlon and seas swimming.

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Driving Tips

Driving in Guernsey is safe on the well-built roads with peaceful levels of traffic. You should know the rules of the road to ensure you remain safe and get the most from your Guernsey car hire. Here are some of the rules of the road to help you on the way –

  • Drive on the left of the road, as they do in the UK
  • Overtake if safe on the right, indicating all the way
  • The speed limit for urban roads is 40 kmph
  • The speed limit for rural roads is 56 kmph
  • It is the law for all passengers, front and rear, to wear seatbelts at all times – this is the responsibility of the driver
  • The rush hours on the island are between 7am and 9am, with another in the evening between 4pm and 7pm. These are not really heavy traffic, but be aware that trips can take longer at these times
  • The blood alcohol limit on Guernsey is 0.08%, but we always recommend that you have no alcoholic beverages at all if you are driving, especially in a country that you are not familiar with
  • You need your driving licence to hire a car on the island of Guernsey
  • You must be at least 20 to rent a car from the car hire companies on the island
  • Do not use your mobile phone while driving in Guernsey, as this is against the law and the police will come down hard on this

These are some of the basic rules that will keep you safe and happy with your car hire Guernsey while on your trip. Whether you are there for business or leisure, this will keep you happy. If you are unsure about any of this, then speak to your hire company and clear it up before you set out on the road.

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Airports in Guernsey

As this is a relatively small island, there is one recognised airport in Guernsey. It is known as Guernsey Airport, as you might expect, and this is a modern airport, well-equipped for the passenger.

Car hire Guernsey really is the best way to get around this fascinating island. Get it at the airport and use the well-maintained roads to get from A to B. Parking is plentiful and often either low-cost or free. So, there is every reason to get your rental car Guernsey today.

Stay safe wherever you are in the world. One of the best ways to do this is to know the rules of the road, as outlined above. In addition, you should know the emergency service numbers in case of accident or incident. The numbers for all the emergency services are 999 or 112. We recommend that you programme this into your phone, so you can dial quickly if ever needed. Your rent a car Guernsey can be a safe way to see the world. Don’t get caught out.

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