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Car Hire Greece

Rent a car Greece is a fantastic way to see this ancient country. It is filled with ruins that are centuries old, beautiful scenery and the most amazing islands. And Greece rent a car is the ideal way to get around from the city to the countryside, from the beach to the island. Although public transport in Greece is relatively efficient, there is no better way to see the country than to do it yourself. Greece is a country made up of many islands, so you can hop on a ferry and see the rest of the country with your car ready to get you around. Greece car hire is cost effective and readily available, but can be very popular in the summer months particularly. The main roads are very well made and maintained, so you can get the most from your car hire Greece every day of your stay. Whether you visit for leisure, business or to see a friend or family member, a rental car Greece is ideal for you.

The best way to make sure you get the Greece rental car that you want is to book early. The best cars are all booked well in advance, so if you want a specific car and the best price available then get in there early. There is always plenty of choice for rent a car Greece but the best deals will come if you act as soon as you have booked your trip. Many deals come with the ability to cancel so don’t worry that you have committed a lot of money to your rental car Greece before you set off. Here is our guide to Greece car hire and what it means to you –

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The Country

Greece is at the Southern part of Europe on the Mediterranean coast. It is a beautiful part of the world and consists of many islands that are scattered along the coast of the nation. The food is typical of the rest of the Med and because of the island culture, there is a lot of seafood in the national diet. You can sample the best cheeses and olive oil of the country before heading to the cities and getting the best of the restaurant and café culture. The country is famed for its islands and you should visit as many of these as possible. They are well served by the ferry network and most of these will accommodate your Greece rental car. Including the islands, Greece has an area of around 51,000 square miles, making it quite a large country. There are approximately 11 million inhabitants of the country, many of these in and around the capital city of Athens. It borders Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey. It has had a tense relationship with Turkey over the years, not least of all because of the dispute over the Northern half of the island of Cyprus.

Athens is the capital and major city of Greece. It has a population of around three quarters of a million and houses ancient relics such as the Acropolis, the Parthenon and the Temple of Zeus. Other major cities of the country, as well as the capital Athens, include Thessaloniki, Larissa, Volos and Kavala. Summer from June to August and has its winter in the months from December to February.

The main language spoken in the country is Greek and this is spoken by around 99% of the entire population. It is taught in schools alongside English, German, French and Italian. There are also some other regional dialects that are spoken in the country. The Greek play a range of sports and were the founders of the ancient and modern Olympic games. Athletics, baseball, basketball and soccer are the main sports played in the country.

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Driving Tips

You will need to know the rules and differences when in your Greece rent a car for your own safety. The driver of the vehicle is responsible for complying with all the laws of the road, specifically –

  • You must drive on the right-hand side of the road
  • Seat belts must be worn by every occupant of your Greece rental car
  • No passenger under the age of 10 may ride in the front of the car
  • Children of 4 years and younger must be secured in a child seat, as must older children under the height of 1.35 metres
  • You cannot use a cell phone while driving
  • The alcohol content of your blood must be under 0.05% to drive. We recommend that you never drink alcohol if you are to drive in any country.
  • On the highway, the middle lane is designated at the overtaking lane
  • You cannot change lanes at a junction in Greece, so plan well ahead
  • The speed limit is 120 kmph on motorways
  • The speed limit is 110 kmph on open roads
  • The speed limit is 50 kmph in urban areas

You should know all of the rules of the road before getting into your Greece rental car so you can stay safe. You will need your full driving licence to rent the car in the first place. Stay safe and have a great trip.

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Airports in Greece

As a country that has many islands, the main method of internal transport has become the car and the ferry. But there are international airports to get in and out of the country. They can be found at –

  • Alexandroupolis International Airport
  • Athens International airport
  • Chania International airport on Crete
  • Corfu International airport
  • Heraklion International Airport on Crete
  • Kalamata International Airport
  • Kefalonia Island International Airport
  • Kos Island International Airport
  • Lemnos Island International Airport
  • Mytilene Island International Airport on Lesbos
  • Rhodes Island International Airport
  • Samos Island International Airport
  • Thessaloniki International Airport
  • Zakynthos Island International Airport

When collecting your Greece rental car at the airport or any other part of the country, you should ensure that you know all the rules and regulations of driving in the country. Greece car hire is the ideal way to see the nation, but you must remain safe at all times. There are a few numbers, so make sure you have them in your phone before you leave –

  • The emergency number is 112
  • Immediate police response is 100
  • The ambulance service can be called on 166
  • A fire emergency can be dialled on 199

Be safe in Greece by knowing what you would so in an emergency. Car hire Greece is the best way to see this beautiful and eclectic country, so book yours today.


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