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Car Hire Gibraltar

At the very southernmost tip of the Spanish mainland lies the very British resort of Gibraltar. It is a part of the world that has been disputed for some time between the British and Spanish but remains staunchly its own place in its own time. Gibraltar is a great place to spend time as a tourist or to do business and Gibraltar car hire is the ideal way to get around. If you need a Gibraltar rental car then you should book nice and early. This will mean that you get the rent a car Gibraltar that you want – and at the best price.

It looks and feels like a part of the English mainland, with red telephone boxes and British shops but with much better weather! Car hire Gibraltar is an inexpensive way to see the country and get around all of these sights. It actually became a British overseas territory as far back as 1713 – but don’t worry, the options for your rental car Gibraltar are much more recent than that! It is famous for the Rock of Gibraltar and the monkeys that reside there. You can reach the top with your Gibraltar rent a car so make sure you plan your visit to include this.

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The Country

Gibraltar has been in continuous existence for centuries. The name refers to the rock and is a rough translation of The Mountain of Tariq who was a general in the army that conquered the place well over a thousand years ago. It has been inhabited by Moors and Catholics like much of the Iberian Peninsula and shows signs of both levels of occupation, as well as influence from the Dutch, Spanish and British.

The economy of Gibraltar is fuelled by financial services, tourism and shipping on the whole. This means there are plenty of opportunities to trade there, with links to the outside world from its port. Tourism has become more and more important to the Gibraltar economy and brings people from all over the world.

There are 30,000 inhabitants in the territory of Gibraltar, across a small area of only 2.6 square miles, which makes it a quite densely populated part of the world. The most of Gibraltar is the city, where the residents live, with the mighty rock overlooking all of the activity. Gibraltar only has one land border, the one with Spain, which itself is hotly contested by the Spanish and there are times when it can be difficult to travel from Spain to Gibraltar. However, these times are rare and well publicised, so you can use your hire car from Spain into Gibraltar or vice versa.

The longer summer months in Gibraltar stretch from June to August. The weather in the country is warm most of the year round, although there is the risk of cold air and winds off the ocean. The winters happen from December to February. The main language spoken in Gibraltar is English, but there are many who speak Spanish as well as influences from Malta and Italy in particular. It is a cosmopolitan place.

The sports practiced in Gibraltar reflect their British links, with football, rugby and cricket being among the most popular choices. Being surrounded by the sea, Gibraltar also has a tradition of sailing.

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Driving Tips

Driving in Gibraltar is safe and can be a lot of fun. The streets are busy at times and you may have to wait in a little traffic, but if you have booked a Gibraltar car hire that is comfortable then the extra time is no worry. You should stay safe on the roads, and here are some of the rules of the road that will help you –

  • You must drive on the right-hand side of the road
  • Overtaking, where possible, happens on the left
  • You must wear a seat belt and the driver is responsible for all other occupants wearing their seat belt
  • To hire a car, you need to have held a licence for a year or more and be at least 21 years of age
  • You must not operate a cell phone while driving – we recommend you do not do this in any country
  • You cannot sound the horn on your car in the city limits of Gibraltar
  • Remember there are only a handful of petrol stations in the territory, so make sure you don’t run dry
  • You may find parking difficult, especially in the busy summer months, so leave a little extra time to park at the end of your journey
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Airports in Gibraltar

As a small territory, there isn’t a great deal of land space in Gibraltar. There is only one airport in the country, and this is Gibraltar International Airport. There are, however, many links by sea to the African mainland and the rest of Europe.

We want you to stay safe when using your Gibraltar car hire so make sure you know the rules of the road above. As well as this, your rental car Gibraltar is a safe way to travel, especially if you know the emergency number. As with much of Europe, the number 112 will get you through to the emergency services. Programme it into your phone in case you need it in a hurry.

A Gibraltar rent a car is the ideal way to get around this fascinating place, so get yours today. Book early and avoid disappointment.

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