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Car Hire Bulgaria

The beautiful country of Bulgaria is an Eastern European country that has been inhabited for centuries. To get around this country, Bulgaria car hire is most definitely a great way to go. There are quality roads and the transport links mean that rental car Bulgaria is a stress-free way to get around. Think about all the places you will miss unless you get around in a vehicle of your own. Because of this, Bulgaria rent a car is the ideal option. It gives you the freedom you want when travelling for business or pleasure.

There is so much to see and do that car hire Bulgaria becomes the obvious choice. From the Black Sea to the capital of Sofia, there are sights along every route for every kind of traveller. Bulgaria rental car is a convenient and safe choice to get around the cities and the countryside of this amazing place. Think Bulgaria rent a car and you are on the right tracks.

If you visit the country for pleasure then Bulgaria car hire can be picked up at the airport, the city or a host of other locations. This means it fits right around your travels and turns your holiday into even more of a fun trip. If you go to the nation for business, then you want to be in control of your own travel. Then, rental car Bulgaria out you firmly in control. Our most important tip for either of these travelling options (or any other for that matter) is to book your rent a car Bulgaria early to avoid disappointment. They can get booked up quickly.


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The Country

Bulgaria has been inhabited for many years and has grown up in a Europe that has seen war and upheaval for most of this time. It has been invaded by Romans, Greeks and Persians among others. The Bulgarian Empire was founded in 681 and has been a hub for culture for centuries. As the Iron Curtain drew back from Eastern Europe, the new Bulgaria started to emerge. It has seen massive investment from people all over the world and is a far more cosmopolitan place because of it. There are mountain regions, beaches, fabulous cities and unspoiled countryside. In fact, there is a bit of everything.

There are over 7 million people in Bulgaria, many concentrated in the cities. The official language is Bulgarian, but with small minorities of Turkish and Roma people, there are other tongues used in the nation. It has a size of 42,854 square miles, which means that the countryside has a low density. It has a number of borders and these are with Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey.

The summer in Bulgaria are June, July and August, while the winter months are December, January and February. The weather in the country is temperate, with four distinct seasons.

The country loves its sport and has participated in the Olympic Games since inception. Wrestling is a huge sport in Bulgaria and they have produced many Olympic medal winners over the years. In addition, weightlifting is a passion in the country and is seen as a source of national pride.

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Driving Tips

As with any new experience, you will need to know what you are letting yourself in for. Check all the rules of the road before you leave for Japan to ensure you stay safe. Here are some of the more important ones –

  • You will need an international drivers licence to take out a car in Bulgaria
  • All passengers must wear seatbelts at all times
  • They drive on the right hand side of the road and overtake on the left
  • You must be 18 to drive in Bulgaria, but many car hire companies restrict their hire to those 21 and over
  • You must not use a mobile phone while driving in the country
  • There are many speed cameras in Bulgaria, so keep and eye out on the road
  • The blood alcohol content is only 0.05%. We recommend that you never drink and drive in any country.
  • The speed limit on urban roads in 50 km/h
  • On extra urban roads, the limit is 90 km/h
  • On motorways the speed limit is 120 km/h

Make sure you know what to do when driving in Bulgaria to say safe and on the right side of the law.

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Airports in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has a handful of well-used airports that help people to get in and out of the country. Here are the busiest airports in the nation

  • Sofia Airport
  • Burgas Airport
  • Varna Airport
  • Plovdiv Airport
  • Gorna Oryahovista Airport

These airports are the perfect place to start your Bulgaria car hire journey. But you should make sure you are safe when driving your rental car Bulgaria and there are some emergency numbers that you should note are

  • Emergency number is 112
  • The ambulance can be called on 150
  • The police are contactable on 166
  • For fire, call the brigade on 160

This will ensure that your Bulgaria rent a car is a safe place for you. If you are looking for a great time, then you can have this with a Bulgaria rental car.

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