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Car Hire Brunei

The official title for Brunei is Nation of Brunei, the abode of Peace and this sums the country up perfectly. It is a small state with a big heart. Brunei car hire will help you get the most from your visit. Travel across the nation in a car and you will get to see the cities and the scenery that is making Brunei famous across the world. Rental car Brunei lets you get from the airport to the city and beyond. Travel this beautiful country and see its diverse history and sparkling present. Brunei rent a car is popular, so make sure you book up well in advance to get the most from it.

Brunei is a place that is visited by tourists and for business. Brunei car hire is ideal for both. You can get around the country with ease, because the roads are well-maintained. As a small country, Brunei rental car gives you the freedom you need. As a small country with only two airports of note (more on this later) Brunei is best seen from the road. Rent a car Brunei can get booked up quickly so plan ahead and book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Brunei is a country with an interesting past, but it is the present that drives people to visit. Car hire Brunei is the perfect way to get business done or to relax in the tourist hotspots of the nation. Brunei is finding its way in the world and is a banking centre of note. Brunei rental car helps the wheels of business keep turning, so use it if you are in the country and need to get around. Here is our guide to Brunei and how rent a car Brunei works.

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The Country

Brunei is a very small country that shares the island of Borneo with Malaysia and Indonesia. It is a prosperous country that is highly developed and stands on the world stage. The country is always looking to the future and Brunei wants to develop the tourist trade alongside business. Car hire Brunei is the ideal way to get around the whole island of Borneo and links you to Malaysia and Indonesia.

Brunei rental car works for you because the road network of the country is so well-developed. The price of petrol is traditionally cheap and people love to drive around this beautiful part of the world. You can visit the main towns and cities, such as –

  • Bandar
  • Seri Begawan
  • Kuala Belait
  • Seria
  • Tutong
  • Bangar

Rent a car Brunei gives you access to all of these and more, as you plan your trip to this wonderful nation. The people are always friendly and you will delight at the local food.

Brunei is home to around half a million people at the last count in an area of around 2,200 square miles, much of this coastal. It has a land border with Malaysia, but is otherwise surrounded by the South China Sea.

Being north of the equator, the summer in Brunei is in the months of June, July and August, while the winter months are December, January and February. Being in the South China Sea means that the country is susceptible to tropical storms and long dry seasons. This is typical of the region. The official language of Brunei is Standard Malay although Brunei Malay, English and Chinese are among the other languages that are commonly used across the nation. It is a mix of religions, with Islam, Buddhism and Christianity sharing status among the inhabitants.

Sport in Brunei is a mix of the traditional, and those attracted by money over recent years. The Brunei marathon offers over half a million US Dollars for the winner. Local martial arts are practiced by many and are popular all over the country.

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Driving Tips

Driving your rent a car Brunei is a breeze. The roads are well-maintained and other drivers are used to driving around visitors. The first thing you should do is familiarise yourself with the rules of the road. Brunei car hire will get you around the country, but stay safe. This includes –

  • They drive on the left-hand side of the road
  • You must be 18 to drive in Brunei
  • You overtake on the right
  • You can turn left on a red light unless signs indicate otherwise
  • If you approach an accident then you must put your hazard lights on
  • Children under 3 must be in a car seat
  • Signs are mainly in English, but can also be in Malay
  • Speed limit in a school zone is 20 km/h
  • Speed limit in built up areas is 60 km/h
  • Speed limit on the highway is 80 km/h
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Airports in Brunei

Brunei is a small nation. There are only two airports of note situated within its borders –

  • Brunei International Airport at Brunei-Muara
  • Anduki Airfield at Belait

However, there are ways to access Brunei through the other airports on the island of Borneo, so you can access all the island has to offer. Make sure your car hire Brunei is safe at all times. The number 991 is the one to program into your phone in case of emergency. Your rental car Brunei will provide you with access to the country, but make sure you understand the rules of the road to stay on the right side of the law.

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